Opportunities for businesses to transfer and disseminate low-carbon technology

Time: 6 PM - 10 PM May 31 2021


On the afternoon of March 16, in Hai Phong, the Department of Climate Change (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment) in collaboration with the Japan Institute of Global Environmental Strategy (IGES) organized the Workshop on Introduction of Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM). ) and opportunities to implement low-emission projects for Vietnamese businesses. Attending the Workshop were Deputy Director of Climate Change Department Pham Van Tan, representatives of Japanese IGES and related agencies, units and enterprises.

Delegates attending the workshop focused on discussing and clarifying the JCM mechanism; sharing implementation experience, information on projects that have been implemented; exchanging and discussing issues still in the implementation of mechanisms to improve the mechanism between local businesses and the IGES Institute of Global Environment Strategy of Japan.

Under the framework of low carbon development cooperation, Japan and Vietnam are implementing the JCM Joint Crediting Mechanism (signed in June 2013) with the purpose of promoting technology transfer and dissemination. Low carbon emissions contribute to the commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Vietnam. The seminar was organized to provide information and create opportunities for Vietnamese businesses to cooperate with Japanese enterprises in developing low-carbon projects and improving production efficiency within the framework of JCM mechanism.

The JCM Joint Crediting Mechanism proposed by Japan is a voluntary cooperation mechanism, through financial support, technology transfer to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries. The JCM mechanism is considered as one of the mechanisms to specify the orientation of the Paris Agreement, with great potential to become a global mechanism with a growing network of participating countries.

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