AI in Vietnam: How to maximize the potential for development?

Dec 27 2023 | Event News
Many countries around the world are racing to find the best policy approach to AI to build or strengthen their global power and influence. So where is Vietnam in the AI race? Can Vietnam take advantage of AI as a driving force for development? And how can Vietnam control AI risks?


Against this backdrop, the Institute for Policy Studies and Media Development (IPS) organized a series of talks to discuss AI policies in Vietnam. At the first talk themed "AI in Vietnam: Maximizing the potential for development" held on December 27, 2023, experts, researchers, representatives of state agencies, businesses, and associations discussed 3 main issues:
(1) The current development of AI technology and some conditions for Vietnam to develop AI, such as computing infrastructure, data, and human resources;
(2) The current status of deploying AI-based technology solutions in a number of fields, such as communications, finance, operations, and production of Vietnamese enterprises.
(3) The current policy and legal framework for AI in Vietnam compared to the world.
IPS would like to sincerely thank the distinguished attendees for their valuable comments and contributions to the discussion! We hope that the series of talks will continue to open space for in-depth and meaningful discussions about AI technology in Vietnam.