Diversifying undersea fiber optic cables to ensure Internet connection quality in Vietnam

Sep 15 2023 | Event News
On the morning of September 15, 2023, the Institute for Policy Studies and Media Development (IPS) organized an expertise-sharing discussion on the national digital infrastructure context, with a particular focus on Vietnam's international undersea fiber optic cable system.


With a view to exchanging information and expertise among research units and associations, the discussion was attended by representatives from the Scientific Research Institute of Sea and Island, Institute for Chinese Studies, National Institute of Information and Communications Strategy, Vietnam Digital Communications Association, and AP Telecom - a consulting company specializing in the installation and operation of undersea fiber optic cables. 
During the discussion, experts exchanged information on the current situation regarding the quantity and quality of Vietnam's undersea fiber optic cables, as well as Vietnam's opportunities in the digital infrastructure value chain. When discussing the direction for strengthening and developing Vietnam's undersea fiber optic cable system in the future, experts emphasized the need to diversify cable routes in various directions and ensure marine corridors to minimize physical disruptions to infrastructure caused by aquaculture activities.