What are the opportunities for cloud computing "Made in Vietnam"?

Jan 03 2024 | Analysis - Comments
80% of Vietnam's cloud computing service market is currently in the hands of foreign businesses, such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services... What do Vietnamese businesses need to do to win back market share on their "home turf"?


Sharing about this issue, Mr. Nguyen Quang Dong, Director of the Institute for Policy Studies and Media Development (IPS), affirmed that cloud computing is now considered "the infrastructure of all infrastructures", and developing cloud computing needs to ensure both market promotion and strategic security for digital infrastructure. 
Regarding the competitive edges of Vietnamese cloud computing companies, Mr. Dong emphasized an important factor is choosing the right segment on the global value chain. In particular, Vietnamese businesses need to take advantage of two strengths: understanding and providing appropriate services for the local market and providing ancillary services in the global cloud ecosystem. 
Because domestic cloud businesses are already quite far behind, Mr. Dong believes that it is difficult for Vietnam to take a shortcut or make a leap in developing this technology. Rather, they must have a step-by-step development strategy. To accelerate this process, Vietnamese businesses need to focus on strategic cooperation with foreign cloud service providers, helping to meet the dual goals of ensuring strategic infrastructure security and increasing presence and market share in the global cloud service ecosystem.